How to update your purchased plugins

Updating your plugins and themes are crucial in the stability of your website. Newer version often include new security features and or security patches.

To update any plugin or theme we highly recommend backing up your entire website, files, images, and database. In the event that something goes wrong it’s always nice to have peace of mind knowing you can revert back to where you started.

So with that said, let dive in.

WordPress has a simple and easy to use plugin and theme uploader. But, lacks the ability to upload a newer version without keeping things intact.

What do we recommend? We recommend you downloading a free plugin from the wordpress repository Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades it’s quite old but it still works fairly well.

What does this plugin do? It renames your existing plugin or theme folder so the one you just uploaded can be activated.

Please give this plugin a try on your upgrades.

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