ithemes Security Pro

$80.00 $15.00

Make sure your WordPress website is secure and protected with iThemes Security Pro.

Protects your wordpress site from attacks that you probably haven’t even considered. A must-have for every developer, beginner, or professional.

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Download ithemes Security Pro which is the identical Version 5.4.1 Being distributed by iThemes here
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Why You Need It: ithemes Security Pro


  • Limit number of failed login attempts
  • Keep out users with too many failed login attempts or who are on a bot backlist
  • Require strong passwords by user role
  • Detect bots generating 404 errors looking for ways to hack your site
  • Detect file changes
  • Email notifications when there is trouble
  • WordPress Brute Force Protection
  • File Change Detection
  • Hide Login & Admin
  • Database Backups
  • Email Notifications
  • Change WordPress Salts & Keys
  • Online File Comparisons
  • Google reCAPTCHA Integration

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