WooCommerce Cart Notices Extension

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Increase your sales by using WooCommerce Cart Notices Extension by displaying calls to action and other promotions to customers at checkout!

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Download WooCommerce Cart Notices Extension which is the identical Version 1.8.6 Being distributed by WooCommerce.com here
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Price on other sites?  $49 (single site license) – Our price – $10

Why You Need WooCommerce Cart Notices Extension

Are you having a problem with customers putting items in the cart and then not buying those items? This plugin helps you increase your cart conversion rate by letting you create dynamic cart notices that give customers an extra push to buy.

Though designed specifically to increase sales from cart and checkout pages, you can use short codes to display these messages anywhere on your site. WooCommerce Cart Notices Download is highly flexible and lets you…

  • Include an optional call to action link.
  • Use variables to create dynamic message text to your customer’s situation (ex: tell customer exactly how many items they need to add to their purchase to qualify for a discount).

Choose from 5 effective cart notice templates:

  • Product Categories in Cart
  • Products in Cart
  • Current order amount
  • Deadline
  • Referer

WooCommerce Cart Notices Download and How It Works

Here’s a look at adding a new cart notice from the backend:

Check out WooCommerce.com for a demo and complete list of features.

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