WooCommerce Composite Products Extension

$79.00 $10.00

Create complex product kits by combining individual WooCommerce products. Build to order with WooCommerce Composite Products Extension.

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Download WooCommerce Composite Products Extension which is the identical Version 3.15.0 Being distributed by WooCommerce.com here
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Price on other sites?  $79 (single site license)

Why You Need WooCommerce Composite Products Extension

Say your customers need to ‘build-to-order’ a computer via your WooCommerce store. With this extension, they can! Customers can select an individual product for each computer component and choose a quantity.

Here’s an example of how you might use WooCommerce Composite Products Extension to build a custom skateboard!

Or, use WooCommerce Composite Products Extension to customize something like a gift or food basket:

WooCommerce Composite Products Extension: Configuration

WooCommerce Composite Products Extension is a very sophisticated, adaptable plugin with extensive functionality. Here’s a quick look at the configuration process:

WooCommerce Composite Products Extension: Need more info?

Review the official plugin documentation and demo for an overview of what this plugin can do.

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