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WooCommerce Product Search Plugin: Power up your product search with this amazing search feature! This plugin delivers instantly instant results as your visitors type their search. You can even try it right here on worldofwpplugins.com via our own search box above.

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Download WooCommerce Product Search Plugin which is the identical Version 2.5.0 Being distributed by WooCommerce here
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WooCommerce Product Search Plugin: Why do I Need It?

Fast, relevant searching helps your customers find what they need faster. WooCommerce Product Search Plugin offers just that.

“Live search” delivers results as your customers type.  “Search weights” gives you control over what product data should be given more priority in the search. This results in more relevant searching and happier customers who are more willing to buy.

Weight by Product Data, Products, or Product Categories

When a customer types a keyword into the search, WooCommerce Product Search Plugin compares that keyword to product Titles, Short Descriptions and Tags. By default, Title matches are considered most relevant with the rest considered less relevant in descending order:

Best of all, specific products and product categories can be weighted. What does this mean?

You are selling video games and related products in your WooCommerce store. You know that the majority of customers searching on the keyword “Resident Evil” are looking for the video game itself. They are less likely to be looking for the “Resident Evil Game Guide” or the “Resident Evil T-Shirt” which you sell as well.

In this case, you may want to give the “video games” product category the highest weight. Then, even though a search on the keyword “Resident Evil” technically matches the product title of the game, guide, and t-shirt– the game will be considered more relevant. The game will be suggested first by WooCommerce Product Search Plugin as a match for the keyword search “Resident Evil.”

The WooCommerce Product Search Plugin can be placed anywhere on your site via the shortcode or widget.

For several more great examples of how search weight is calculated and affects search results, visit the official plugin documentation.

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