WordPress Local SEO Plugin by Yoast

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Wordpress Local SEO Plugin by Yoast extends the Wordpress Premium SEO Plugin by Yoast so that you can potentially rank higher in your local community. This plugin aslo improves the usability of your site by easily adding your location and opening hours to your website wth ease.

Released on May 26, 2018

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Download WordPress Local SEO Plugin by Yoast which is the identical Version 7.5 Being distributed by Yoast here
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Searching on your favorite search engine such as Google for a car repair shop will first show a list of car repair shops in your local community. So, local search appears to happen instantly! But, in order to receive a high ranking first, Google needs to know the exact location of your business. Google also needs to know what type of business and or service you provide.

With WordPress Local SEO Plugin by Yoast, you can easily add…

  • Company Address optimized for Google
  • Hours of Operation
  • Google Map: Show customers exactly how to reach your physical location!
  • Store Locator: Even set up multiple locations!

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